ric648, Maryland

“Doubtful we’ll ever go to breakfast anywhere else.”

“Same food, different vibe. But they’re working on giving it the “comfortable” feel their old location had. We’ve tried different places for breakfast over the years, and one by one, for one pronounced reason or another, they drop off my list. Was in OC for Springfest and went to The General’s Kitchen on our first morning there. Everything was great. Went to our “stand-by” place on the second morning and don’t think we’ll be going back, but that’s another review on here. Back to The General’s Kitchen the third day and once more on the morning we checked out. I guess I felt a little sorry for the manager Law, as I witnessed him being asked the same 3 or 4 questions (mostly about the relocation) by every loyal patron that went to pay their check. The guy never showed any anxiety over the mundane repetitive assault. Good for him. And good for all of us that The General’s Kitchen found a new home.”

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